FPGA Determinism for Market Datain in HFT

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2012)
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FPGA Determinism for Market Datain in HFT

Latency does not have to be a curve! Very powerful conclusion using a pipelined FPGA architecture.

What’s Missing in the Low Latency Debate: Tabb Forum: Where Capital Markets Speak


NovaSparks CEO Yves Charles talks about predictive latency, or having a constant latency whatever is happening in the system. Not just 90 percent of the time, 100 percent.



It would be helpful, when you include a link to a third party website or article, to be granted direct access to such, without a necessity to subscribe to some kind of a service or organisation.

In this particular case, the link to the article you provided, requires subscription to TABB FORUM, and since I don’t have any intention to subscribe to every newsletter, organisation etc. on the planet for rather obvious reasons, regrettably it prevented me from examining claims made by NovaSparks CEO and joining potentially lively discussion commenting on his claims.

I suspect, I am not the only here of the opinion, that if you expect members of this or other groups to engage in discussion based on sources other than your own elucidation of the proposed topic, you should provide a direct link to such article, interview, news announcement etc., without having to jump through extra hoops and/or disclosing ones personal information to yet another entity and hope it will not be misused.

I obviously assume in good faith, that you were motivated here by the desire to stir up lively, relevant discussion among ULLDMA practitioners, and not induce them to subscribe to TABB FORUM.



What a big surprise … FPGA based algorithms have fixed latency (when they are deterministic)



btw our FPGA based system is also 100% time deterministic or as it is commonly called “hard real time architecture” when the algorithms are designed in this way, it’s sort of common/basic parameter of it



– the Tabb FOrum is free of charge, but I completely understand your comment.
When the video is released by Tabb, will put it on UTube and share the link again.


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