Find unique ways to profitably forecast the market with raw GARCH and Markov Chain algorithms

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2012)

Hey there,

I’ve finished my ‘GARCH in Finance Forecasting’ video series and there are some real gems inside for Premium members.

The series now features several hours of video, including a segment that details a raw algorithm — as opposed to R packages — to get the job done. Is that tougher to work with? Yes. But you can tweak it to generate profits in a proprietary way. This kind of flexibility is what makes quant billionaires.

(And remember, I’ve already included references such as complete R source code to make it easier and faster for you to pick up GARCH!)

In fact, I’ve found my own confidence with this popular forecasting method is now shooting through the roof.

And that’s not all. I’ve just posted another raw algorithm to calculate Markov Chains. Not many professional PhD modelers and researchers know about this method. But a select few are using these chains to profit hugely from the markets. Join them with my tutorial video which features a Markov Chain R code walkthrough.

Can you see that a Premium membership is going to save you weeks of time and endless frustration? You’ll avoid wasted effort by side-stepping the wrong financial model/strategy development paths. That’s why I created Quantlabs.net!

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P.S. I’m also making fantastic progress at determining the best magic bullets for profitable automated trading. Join me and learn more. I’m even launching private webinar sessions for members only within a few weeks!

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