Will Facebook save the market?

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2012)

Will Facebook save the market?


I would vote no. I think the focus is solely on the European debacle. If Greece leaves the EU and there is going to be a similar move like we saw last year. Facebook’s a nice story buy it doesn’t have any real weight to carry the market

True. This ia a fickle market.

Since this is such a headline driven market and we’re near a
psychological low, 1300 SPX, maybe Facebook will renew bullish enthusiasm
and help reverse the down trend Thoughts?

Can Facebook’s Debut Survive Such a Volatile Market? 12 hrs ago – CNBC.com

For Facebook to live up to its larger-than-life public image, it will have to withstand a broader stock market where the overwhelming pressure is heading downward.

The Facebook [ FB 38.00 +0.00 (+0.00%) ] bet then—at least for investors willing to take a stab at the company whose initial public offering goes online Friday—is that the shares can rise even if the market falls,and perhaps even create its own momentum that lifts all of Wall Street higher.

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