Why has it traditionally been so difficult to make money investing?

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2012)
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Why has it traditionally been so difficult to make money investing?

With what has happened to the economy, no one wants to take a Las Vegas approach to their savings. However, there is one option which historically has been available and known by large institutional investors which is previously-owned fixed term annuities. What makes them particularly attractive is that they were issued by secure and prestigious insurers such as New York Life, Prudential and Transamerica, and even more important, many of them offer guaranteed returns up to 7%!

Most investments can go both up and down whereas with these there is a guaranteed return on this purchase. Previously-owned In-Force™ annuities are appealing with their safety and higher returns of up to 7%. It is only recently that individuals, rather than institutions, have been offered an opportunity to participate. The challenge is finding out about In-Force™ annuities that are currently available. Which is why we publish a list, which is available by request by going to sevenpercentreturn.com.

The word “currently available” is key since these annuities tend to get snapped up quickly. If you would like to get the most current list, you can do so by visiting www.sevenpercentreturn.com.



My perspective (father born in the depression and had to work for everything he had) and taught me “Operating Capital” when I was 9 years old (althougth he didn’t call it “operating capital”. My 42 year old step-son resigned his “go-go days” Merrill-Lynch derivative selling job 6 months before the Bear-Stearns event. When I ask him about his timing, he responded with “this can’t last”. From an operating business perspective, 7% return is “astronomical”. My wealth strategy is not based on money.


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