s it possible to create an exe in R?

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2012)

s it possible to create an exe in R?

If there is a source code in R, and we want to convert it into an executable file. Is it possible to do so in R. The purpose is to run R code on client’s(windows) server & the code should not be visible to anyone.

Simple answer is no.

Bear in mind that R is open source and distributed under the GPL license, so keeping source code “secret” is anathema to R’s underlying philosophy.

From a technical standpoint, pure R is an interpreted language, so must be run using the R engine and therefore cannot be executed independent of an R installation. There is a byte compiler in recent R versions, but even there, the code must still be executed within R.

If you want to protect code from viewing, your only likely option is to code using a language that requires compilation into a binary executable (eg. C/FORTRAN). Even then, if one wants to take the time, they could feasibly disassemble the code and reverse engineer it.


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