Potential Meetup venue change? Need feedback, ideas and presenters for future Meetups

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2012)

This was posted to my Meetup.com group at meetup.com/quant-finance

Hello to all

Our host at the North York Central Library has raised their hourly rates quite a bit. Over the last few meet ups, they have ended up being money losers for me personally. As many people show an interest in the topics, few show up which results in a financial loss. This comes up to a choice:

1.    Prepay for each Meetup via Paypal. This would be for around $5 and shows how serious people are attending.

2.    Change the venue to a more affordable location but that is kind of hard. I am already looking into this so it could happen but my not be central as many would hope.

3.    Going online using a service like GotoMeeting.com but keep the Meetup more for physical face to face social events as that is a requirement for Meetup.com.

4.    Also, more presenters are needed regardless for educational or commercial reasons. We just want to focus it on quant, High Frequency Trading, and the like.

Let me know if you got any 0opinions on this.  I am also open to any new ideas or comments you may have as well.

Thanks Bryan

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