Note to thy self aka R newbie, stick with R packages from CRAN

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2012)

Note to thy self aka R newbie, stick with R packages from CRAN
I am a believer in installing third party software easily, none of this wonky do this and do that and dependency that. It complicates the process with more chance of errors, screw it. After witnessing the ease of use of RStudio installing R packages, I don’t think I would do it any other way. I really don’t give a flying f-*k what the technical reason why I need to go through other means. Is that not why the repository exists to make it easy for us R newbies? And save time?
This is no different in how to install some Eclipse or WordPress plug in or apt-get/yum install in Linux.  I can’t stand spinning my wheels on trying to figure out why it does not install properly. Even better, if the install documents suck, well the package probably blows to if they cannot put the effort into the install documents. This is why other movements well move, Now I see why Cloudera Hadoop is getting popular because their installation documents provide instructions for a flawless install.  If you want your package to get popular, follow my advice because an experienced guy like me ain’t going to stick around to figure out why. Screw it? I like to make money not figure out other people’s problem because they cannot put the extra effort into putting together proper install documents  Don’t like my opinion, well maybe you like eating bottles of Tylenol all the time. Good on you.

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