Fully vs. semi-automated trading systems in quant development

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2012)

Fully vs. semi-automated trading systems in quant development

Hi all,
I am new in this group and have a lots of questions, but lets start with just one …
As far I understood, most of the trading systems are directly linked to a broker – so basically, everything is happening fully automatically?
Does it make sense to have a system, where you get your information from but the trading is done by a trader (you)? I see the point of having direct link if you’re using an intraday system, but what about a system that is based on EOD data?



All depends on logic what was used in EA.

As a developer of fully automated and semi-automatic systems I can say that semi-automated systems are better in long term usage (few years).

As example, you may look at performance of my trading software at http://www.forexeasystems.com/


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