Featured Article Collection of the Week- Credit Derivatives: Examining the Credit Default Swap Market

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2012)
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  • Subject: Featured Article Collection of the Week- Credit Derivatives: Examining the Credit Default Swap Market

This week, II Journals features our latest E-Book: Credit Derivatives: Examining the Credit Default Swap Market

The market for credit default swaps is on the rise again in 2012 after falling during the economic downturn. With Greece’s recent credit event triggering CDS payouts, investor curiosity has increased on this highly traded and unregulated derivative. This E-collection is a compilation of articles on credit default swaps, with in-depth research on default probabilities, analysis, spreads and more. It is ideal for CDS buyers, sellers and investors looking to hedge, speculate or trade.

Research topics in this collection include:

•Joint probability of default for multiple financial institutions
•New method to estimate the components of corporate bonds & CDS spreads
•The impact of large changes in single issuer CDS spreads on the underlying entity’s equity prices

View Full Articles: http://www.iijournals.com/page/CreditDerivatives

Purchase E-Book: https://articleworks.cadmus.com/buy?c=2483103&p=2143376&buyopt=2

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