Enhancing Portfolio Oversight: Convergence of Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2012)

At last year’s Investment Performance Analysis & Risk Management (IPARM) Southeast Asia 2012 conference, Madhu Gayer, Senior Vice President and Regional Head (Asia Pacific) of Investment Risk and Analytics for Northern Trust, gave a thought provoking presentation where he questioned if there should be industry standards for performance attribution.

He also talked about the portfolio appraisal cycle with regards to performance measurement, attribution and risk, and discussed the steps to enhancing portfolio oversight.

Download the complete presentation here: http://bit.ly/HJGYFM

Madhu Gayer will once again be speaking about “Integrating the Management of Various Risks to Optimise Investment Decisions” at the 2nd Annual IPARM Southeast Asia 2012 conference.

Email bryan.camoens@iqpc.com.sg to register for the conference.

Download the complete agenda here: http://bit.ly/HtHjdx

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