What approach do you use to monitor individual stocks in your portfolio?

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2012)

What approach do you use to monitor individual stocks in your portfolio?

The author of this article has some interesting recommendations, and suggests a list of actions and a schedule for diligent investors who want to make sure that their portfolio is appropriate when individual stocks fluctuate.

Do you agree with his recommendations?
Has he left anything out that you yourself do?
What is your own approach to the question?


AII Investor Update: How I Monitor my Stocks


A key task for investors who own individual stocks is to regularly monitor them. Such analysis requires specifically looking for those items that could give you reason to either continue favoring a stock or sell it. A proper…


Thanls for sharing this information to AAII. I am still awaiting the Best of the Best reading list that I believe was being compiled @the beginning of the year! Many Thanks.


Glad you find this information helpful. I’m not sure what “best of the best” reading list you’re referring to, but here is a list of the best ever Seeking Alpha articles, as chosen by the editors, to celebrate the millionth registered user of the website a few weeks ago:


Is that what you were referring to? Or did you mean something else?


Thanks for your comments and for sending the link. There was a guy who surveyed all the members of this group about 2-3 months ago asking what each member’s favorite hedge fund book was. He indicated that he was compiling a list of these titles and since then no word. I believe that his name is Adam,too but I can’t be certain of that. Does this sound familiar? Were


;I’d love to see that list of recommendations, myself, though. Have you thought of messaging the group’s manager to ask them? They may remember who was compiling the list.

This might be helpful to people as well: it’s a list of articles discussing fund-holdings and an analysis and assessment of each of those decisions and how they have fared:


Do you know who the manager of the group is? By the way, we have been “hacked”


I use technical Analysis monitor the long and short term historical price trends. I also use MACD – Moving averages Convergence Divergences. This will take some time to learn. What I find to be very useful is the overall price trend. Also, you need a strategy for each position you take and these strategies may involve option trading. Give me a little more information and I will be glad to provide some advice.


I’m not sure how many of these are specifically hedge-fund-related books, but you might find this list helpful. It’s a collection of book reviews on Seeking Alpha that have been chosen as “editor’s picks”:


Thanks for the suggestions. What did you think of the AAII Investor article? Do you find that your approach to portfolio management has changed over the years, given the financial crisis?


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