The Search for the Perfect Strategy using Quant Analytics

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2012)

The Search for the Perfect Strategy using Quant Analytics fxtechstrategy.com

In my seven years of being involved in the world of trading, I have never met a fellow market speculator who has at some point in their trading journey not gone looking for the perfect set of technical tools or indicators.
==The chase for the holy grail will never stop. I find that when you have “the grail:” the conditions change, and you experience a loss.
==The word in the title which is wrong is ‘perfect’. – If you search for the ‘perfect’ strategy you will never find it because it does not exist. – Perfection is an ideal no one can ever achieve in the long run.
==Just find the crappiest strategy in the world and do the opposite. (To an extent)
It’s a lot easier to find a really crummy strategy.



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