SSDs and the new scientific revolution for quant development

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2012)

SSDs and the new scientific revolution for quant development


SSDs are anything but a flash in the pan for big science. With news of the world’s most powerful data-intensive systems leveraging the storage technology, including the new Gordon supercomputer, and other new “big data”…



SSD cannot be the new revolution because flash technology is at the end of its life
NVM Non Volative Memory will be the next revolution ; 3 technologies are competting PCRAM,STT-RAM and memristor they all have the nice properties to be cheap, ultra low memory , very performant and will not have the write limitation of the flash and are trully non volatile
The first products will appear soon. There is the potential promise that at term the NVM replace even the disks and DRAM completelly probably beyond 2020, the disks replacing the tapes. It will depend mainly on the cost of production but the competition is a promise of a fierce battle for leadership then pushing the price to the bottom
It is clear we need that revolution for exascale and big data analytics


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