Software platform for quant development and high frequency trading

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2012)

Software platform for quant development and high frequency trading

I am looking for a platform that can unify multiple brokerages (interactive brokers, speed trader, etc), allow auto trading, cover back testing strategies, allow the addition of proprietary algorithms (c++ or Java is fine), and have the ability to do some of the book keeping functions as well. This will be for a small start up hedge fund. Would our prime brokerage be able to cover all of those needs, or would a 3rd party provide a better alternative? Recommendations for both? I have enough experience in programming to know that it will take hundreds of hours to build something like this from scratch. My hope is that there is something out there that will cover all of our needs. I also believe that we will need to occasionally hire a professional accountant, but I have not begun to look into that yet. If you have any recommendations in the software/accounting area please let me know.
==If you are not doing HFT, pick up some open source projects and develop them. Tradelink is the best I have come across for connecting with multiple broker APIs.
See here: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/tools-trade/11086-open-source-trading-platforms-master-list.html
==Ninjatrader may suit your needs
==Problem is you probably need a commercial platform. These are always proprietary because the people who have these use them to make money and have millions invested in such. I don’t know what the answer is for you but feel your pain.
==Check out Alaris http://www.alaristrading.com/, they are on linked in as well.==
I found openquant from smartquant
==Or try my product ActiveQuant. We make your security trading happen in a well defined consulting project. References on request.


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