Linux or Unix Shell commands to get Active Quant AQ2o going for potential Java High Frequency Trading environment

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2012)

Linux or Unix Shell commands to get Active Quant AQ2o going for potential Java High Frequency Trading environment

These are commands sent from Ulrich (founder of Active Quant) of Active Quant to get the current AQ2o server going. Let’s hope this works. If so, I will include a Youtube video within my Linux environment.  Thanks go out to him.

Update: I am not a Linux admin expert, but it can be frustrating and wonky to work with. As in the past, I need to stick with Windows based systems for productivity reasons. Linux painfully slows me down but these commands seem to work but the environmental handling of Linux is a nitemare so good luck to anyone implementing these commands. My opinion of Linux has no reflection on Active Quant itself.




More details at http://activequant.org/Below you’ll find some unix commands that will get you going. ==============
# AQ2o is good in a large corporation. Because it is using hbase and hadoopunderneath, it can scale to petabytes of storage. # Use the server as a centralstorage point. The OpenCore that you use is not good for backtesting … # mkdir presswork cd presswork # download the aq2server wget “http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/activequant/aq2o-2.1-SNAPSHOT-bundle.zip?r=http%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Factivequant%2Ffiles%2F&ts=1334934472&use_mirror=heanet” -O aq2o.zip # unzip aq2o.zip cd aq2o sh runserver.sh # press CTRL-C to stop the server # modify aq2server.properties to enable thesoap server # soapserver.start=true sh runserver.sh # when things are settled … open a web browser and have a look at —>http://localhost:9999/main?wsdl That’s the WSDL for the soap service, have alook http://users.skynet.be/pascalbotte/rcx-ws-doc/dotnet.htm # leave the server running … let’s pump in data. cd .. svn co http://activequant.org/svn/aq2o/trunk aq2o_trunk mvn package -DskipTests=true export AQ_HOME=/home/ustaudinger/presswork/aq2o_trunk cd trunk/src/test/resources/sampledata sh /home/ustaudinger/presswork/aq2o/importInstruments.sh sh/home/ustaudinger/presswork/aq2o/importMDIs.sh #
# connect with Squirrel SQL and have a look at things …
# now let’s have a look at the data in our archive … R x = read.csv(“http://localhost:44444/?SERIESID=YAHOO_cbk.de&FREQ=EOD&FIELD=CLOSE&STARTDATE=20010101&ENDDATE=20120301”)plot(x[,2]) B

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