IS AFRICA THE LAST CONSUMER FRONTIER? Nova Capital Africa Analytics latest quarterly report

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2012)

IS AFRICA THE LAST CONSUMER FRONTIER? Nova Capital Africa Analytics latest quarterly report focuses on the African Consumer Market. Please see below more information on the report:

Section 1: Macro Analysis – Political and Economic Trends and Outlook: West Africa And Southern Africa

According to the International Monetary Fund, Africa will host seven of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world in the next five years. Africa already had six of the top ten fastest growing economies in the last decade and many African countries have grown at higher rates those of Asia according to the IMF. Angola’s economy outpaced even that of China from 2001 to 2010, expanding at 11.1 per cent. Much of the growth in Africa has been driven by demand for natural resources, such as oil and minerals, for markets in Asia, in particular.

Section 2: Micro Analysis – Consumer Sector: Is Africa the Last Consumer Frontier?

A number of factors contribute to a rosy picture of Africa’s consumer sector. We note that the continent’s total GDP of USD 1.5 trillion is similar to that of Brazil, India or Russia, and it is expected to grow faster than most non-BRIC emerging markets. While instability still plagues some African nations, overall, political risk has substantially diminished over the past 20 years. In addition, constitutional order and democratic institutions are being consolidated, which are creating greater degrees of stability. The continent also continues to make significant strides through regional organizations that aim at integrating regions
politically and economically, thereby promoting cooperation between countries.

Section 3: Stock Analysis: Initiation of coverage

As a continuation of our investment theme driven by the emerging consumer in Africa, we are initiating coverage on two large cap companies in the FMCG sector. One company has a high – octane potential from Sub-Saharan Africa and the second company is based in Southern Africa but with an outreach that spans the rest of Africa. Our coverage provides in-depth analysis of the companies, including growth and financials forecasts, overview of senior management and peer analysis. A must see report for any investor looking for a solid long term return in this emerging growth sector.

Nova Capital Africa Analytics is an independent, Pan-African research firm. Focusing exclusively on the African equities markets, Nova brings a decade of “on-the-ground” presence across the continent to our clients. Our Political Risk, Equities Markets, and Data Aggregation and Analytics services allows us to spot trends before they develop. In turn we provide our clients with timely, actionable data-driven information and investment opportunities.

Our platform is built on an annual – or quarterly – subscription model. Our reports consists of: Quarterly Macro, Micro and Stock initiation and updates, Geo-political Risk consulting, weekly equity trading ideas and conference calls, and data aggregation and analytics. Trading capabilities are available through DAP Trading.



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