Forex: Gold rises and silver surges in Q1 2012 – Flat Currency Devaluation

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2012)

Forex: Gold rises and silver surges in Q1 2012 – Flat Currency Devaluation


So far in 2012, gold has performed well and is set to end the first quarter in 2012 with gains in all major currencies. Gold is 6.3% higher in US dollars, 3.2% higher in euros, 3.1% higher in pounds, 2.25% higher in Swiss francs and 12% higher in Japanese yen which fell sharply in the quarter. Silver outperformed gold to the upside and rose 16% in dollars and 12% in pounds and euros, 7% in Swiss



In fact, gold is getting its butt kicked by the S&P this quarter:


ALL of gold’s gains this year took place in the first two months, when indicators were mixed and fears about global economic growth were still prevalent. Since Feb 29, gold has dropped 7.5%, and this latest consolidation could be the pause before the next round of positive economic numbers. The gold bubble is showing clear signs of deflation. The professional touts will continue to pump up interest in gold right to the end, but they depend on the bids of novice traders to dump their own positions when the music stops–which may have already happened.

Investors have to always remember: gold is strictly a defensive investment. It will rally when currencies are weak due to inflation concerns and fears of economic instability. However, now that signs of economic recovery are starting to appear, we are seeing the inevitable collapse in gold prices forming. The only people who should be playing in the metals markets are professional traders and investors who are shifting out of metals and back into instruments which will profit from the upswing in economic activity.


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