Elliott Wave Forex Weekly Forecast-April-4-2011EUR/USD

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2012)

Elliott Wave Forex Weekly Forecast-April-4-2011EUR/USD – Down TrendTrend is bearish in 4 hours chart. Resistance is present at 1.3251price level. So, as long as price stay …
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==I think volatility in #eurusd could calm down, here is my long term view http://screencast.com/t/uCa1ZQ9m
==After studying the structures of various currencies against the US Dollar, I arrived at a conclusion that a super-spike in USD (something like 2008) is due within the next 12-15 months…. Major basing action in major pairs around the globe…
==How do you define “studying the structures of various currencies”? This is about as general and therefore unhelpful a comment imaginable.
==I disagree with you; I understood what he was saying; and I agree; Perhaps you should just ask him to elaborate more nicely; I study structure of elliott waves using fibo time zones and fibo expansions, squaring price/time; and I am just wondering how you came on that conclusion?–
good day to both of you. I agree, I should have elaborated. Let me create a pdf with my observation and upload it on slideshare.
==that would be great. I apologize for coming across so harshly–just wanted to ensure people provide meaningful insights here, as opposed to unsupported opinion. Looking forward to reading your analysis.
==do u mean dollar index or individual pairs?

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