Does somebody has experience with dmraid + Intel Rapid Storage Technology on RedHat5 ?quant development?

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2012)

Does somebody has experience with dmraid + Intel Rapid Storage Technology on RedHat5 ?quant development?


I’m configuring 11 Intel servers type S2600JF with 4*500GB disks per server type TOSHIBA that I’d like to configure like a Raid0 or maybe Raid5 if I don’t loose too much performances because of the parity computation; does somebody manage the dmraid ( so called “FakeRAID” or “FirmwareRAID” ) on RedHat5 in production ? do I really gain performances from the Raid0 ? during a Raid5 disk failure how to change the broken disk to rebuild the Raid5, online ?
Many thanks to report your experiences ! Fabio.


my usual experience with related configs,

* if you need to choose between a vendor-specific fakeraid (Bios SW Raid with OS level sw raid add-in) or generic JBOD disks and then standard linux SW raid — usually the Linux Stock SW Raid gives you simpler management, fewer dependencies on custom config; less constraint to the ‘hardware’; and the same performance. However, that being said, usually either route is functional; it is more a matter of ‘preference’.

* you don’t want ‘it all fails if one drive fails’ – you probably want a raid10 config, not a raid0 config. With 4 drives raid5 is a not-great option IMHO. You will very likely get significantly better performance with 4 drive raid10 vs raid5 or raid6. Additionally if your chassis supports it you would get linear boost by going up to 6 or 8 drives in the raid10. More spindles = more parallel bandwidth which will help throughput approach saturation on the controller / rather than being constrained below ‘maximum possible throughput’. However, if you can only accommodate 4 drives – then you are stuck with 4 drives, clearly.


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