Are you planning for the evolution of Big Data and Quant Analytics?

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2012)

Are you planning for the evolution of Big Data and Quant Analytics?

My key takeaway: you have to plan for data growth in conjunction with any projects you undertake. In which ways are you?
IBM Fellow Jeff Jonas on the evolution of Big Data news.cnet.comRecently named IBM Fellow Jeff Jonas is one of the most interesting big data thought-leaders. He spoke to CNET about the increasing value of data-driven decisions. Read this blog post by Dave Rosenberg on Software, Interrupted.
–Now Jeff Jonas was in to ‘big data’ before that term was coined. I would have thought he would have jumped ship long ago after his golden handcuffs came off. For those that don’t know… A while back, IBM acquired his Las Vegas company… What was it 2003?
–I guess it shows IBM is a good place to work if you are into business analytics 🙂
–No, not really. I believe is outside of IM.
Jonas went to IBM because they paid him a boat load of cash for his company. Being named a Fellow is sort of like getting tenure at a University. So why would he leave?


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