EURUSD – CLASH of Wedges + Some futher observations on EURAUD, SP500

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2012)

EURUSD – CLASH of Wedges + Some futher observations on EURAUD, SP500,… hometraderuk.blogspot.co.ukEURUSD FX A couple of years ago I wrote about what I termed ‘The clash of the wedges’ on the SP500, the post can be seen here. We seem to have another smaller scale version of a clash of the wedges on the EURUSD. – Just for the…
==I have to admit I know longer look for such patterns and , as you know, rely on wave relationships. What I do feel is missing is the larger picture to be able to understand where these (relatively) localized structures actually fit, therefore the implications. I have written an article that provides a perspective on the balance between the US Dollar/equity balance which I feel offers a correlated view: http://harmonicelliottwave.blogspot.jp/2012/03/us-equity-and-dollar-major-reversal.html in terms of the major 33 year cycle low in the Dollar and the Harmonic Elliott Wave count in the DOW, Euro, Pound & Yen

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