Can people recommend further resources such as web pages and other Linkedin groups which offer valuable learning resources?

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2012)

This is an excellent group, which has excellent value to its members. Can people recommend further resources such as web pages and other Linkedin groups which offer valuable learning resources?

I would like to thank the owners and members of this group. – There are many excellent articles and discussions which have helped me to improve my learning. – Unfortunately I have not found too many others groups or web pages which offer the same value to a someone always keen to learn and develop, and have recently had to remove myself from many groups which I found over-promised and under-delivered. – I would be keen to know of any other groups people can recommend which are helpful and inciteful like this group, or of any web pages which also offer similar value.

You are spot-on- this is one of the best Trading related group son linked.

Two other really good groups I find are – ‘Automated Trading Strategies’. and ‘Trader,Trading & Risk Psychology’.

I also like the group ‘Behavioral Finance: Theory & Practice’.

Automated trading strategies and Algorithmic trading are my recommendations.

Any group where there is some good debates and discussions, and useful articles and information, and not overloaded with people marketing themselves and their products. – Some groups ahve have overload on that – I really like this group and ‘technical and fundamental traders’ group. – Agree with above choices – particularly ‘Trader,Trading & Risk Psychology’ which I used to be involved with and I know Steve always tries to keep marketing-free and other spam-free. – Behavioural Finance theory and practice is a group I find useful..

I judge the quality of the group by what I can learn from it, and what aspects of me may help me in my business. – I have joined many groups and then left them, because the groups failed to deliver anything along the lines I have just mentioned other than mostly being choc full of spam. One can see from this group that there is many discussions which have real longevity to them, and some very valid contributions.

I belong to many of the groups mentioned above, I would rank the groups I visit most regularly as:

– Technical Analysts/Traders
– FX Week – The global business of foreign exchange
– ‘Trader,Trading & Risk Psychology’
– Automated trading stregies.
– Equity Traders Professionals.

I would be keen to know of any more groups who offer value along the lines of the criteria I have set above.

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I do not think trading is served that well by websites. There is a profusion of them, but I do not think there are many that yet provide a thorough and decent service to traders in terms of education, forums for debate, dissemination of news. – The trouble is it is such a huge community and activity I am not sure any one website can catch everything that participants need. – Of course in banks it is different, – Bloomberg is the king. – Of other websites, I quite like FX street as a free service and investopedia as a learning tool, and www.ritholtz.com ‘Big Picture’ blog.

I am not sure that you can learn trading from websites and blogs and groups, but you can certainly get snippets from them to add knowledge.

I like to read certain blogs regularly which add value and depth to my knowledge. Learning by absorbtion. 3 I like in particular are :
Rizholzs Big Picture as mentioned is one.
Traders Narrative
A dash of insight

Books are the best way to learn, less so from ‘how to Books’ as books from the trenches such as, and books on psychology of trading.
Market Wizards.
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator/
Pit Bull etc.
The Disciplined Trader

Finally there some good candidates for good groups for learning and I echo many of the groups mentioned above, since I am quoting in 3s, my top 3 are.
Technical Analysts/Traders.
Trader,Trading & Risk Psychology’
Trader Education

As far as websites are concerned, I`ve found ForexLive to be the most straightforward with excellent market commentary by seasoned professionals together with good information and a nice sense of humour thrown in there. Some well known analysts drop in to take a look and make contributions. A site that is fast expanding it`s readership. Well worth a visit for anyone who wants live, blow by blow commentary with bid/offer levels thrown in.

Thank you, that looks excellent, simple and straight forward.

There is so much noise in every page, I think you do have to search and find pages that suit you. – But do not overdo it – too many causes overkill.

As for linked in groups. Most of them are full of spammers, it tends to kill most groups.
There are some exceptions, I agree with the recommendations above.

HIgh Frequency Trading,
Technical Analysts/Traders.
Trader,Trading & Risk Psychology’

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