Are we at a tipping point for commercialized -pure- FPGA market data architectures?

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2012)

Are we at a tipping point for commercialized -pure- FPGA market data architectures? Not just FPGA accelerated but FPGA at the core? Claims 700 nanoseconds latency 99.99%.

35 votes

  • Never, software is more flexible

3 (8%)

  • Maybe, FPGA to off load some functions

14 (40%)

  • Only a few, pure FPGA can be expensive

5 (14%)

  • Yes, the industry will be mostly FPGA

10 (28%) « your vote

  • Not sure, still testing viability



There is already a big push towards FIX FAST decoders built using FPGA’s. This technology is really changing the way market data is sourced normalized and consumed by trading firms.

FIX adapters on the chip is next. There are still some challenges there due to the full-duplex nature of the FIX protocol but progress is being made and in certain organizations this challenge has also been solved.

The holy grail is to build trading devices, bypassing the operating system, software and all the whole OS stack.

Firewalls made it to the chip and now are part of the Cisco OS, web servers are now web appliances, TIBCO is getting a run for their money with the Tervela Messaging Fabric who has taken high speed messaging to the silicone, it’s only a matter of time before this is the ONLY standard for capital markets technology.

Neotick has done this before and has proven to our clients that the performance advantages and profitability far, far exceed the costs. It just makes sense.



Pure FPGA? Why? Hybrid FPGA is better and more flexible.

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