America Stop Whining, The Econoomy is Recovering

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2012)

America Stop Whining, The Econoomy is Recovering


As we all do everyday, we read the news, listen to the news, watch the news and search the Internet for the news. From sea to shining sea I hear the noise about how America has failed, will never be the same, is no longer…


Solutions come, light a green light , if we recognize them when they are in front of us ~
I see all kinds of answers 🙂



This is certainly a good time to see green lights…and how many can be turned into or create opportunities? The future is shaped by ones decisions today…and each day is a new day. Life is cyclic,it seems on a basic level that ProActive Growth may be a consideration of choice ? Seems the SBA(Small Business Administration) is being reviewed to be abolished and so by cutting banks services for business funds, the public would need to have to rely on private funds..Wall Street announced last week on evaluating the pros and cons of that option~.



I can’t agree yet. Unemployment is at 22.5% and we are seeing inflation raising prices all the time, especially in gas. That alone can kill any “recovery”, especially if there isn’t one. It’s all political rhetoric at this point. Recovery is coming though. When people see that Obama has no chance to win re-election things will start to open up


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