A few things about how Apple IOS still does not compare to Android

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2012)

A few things about how Apple IOS still does not compare to Android.
1.You don’t realize how Flash is prevelant on the web. You really miss it from a consumer perspective. Apple IOS could really lose here from my perspective.
2. Apple Native Youtube IOS blows. Search results are no where as accurate as Youtube native on Android. Thank gawd for VEVO for my music videos.
3. I love the Apple daycare treatment when I want to download a new app.
If they don’t get these fixed, Android will eat them alive.
There are so many pluses in terms of native IPad apps. They are SO GOOD that I could never own an Iphone subpar apps. ie. Meetup, Linkedin
The new IPad screen is very mind blowing.
Just give it time, Android could be better. Google has definitely got Apple on the run. Just my useless two cents on both mobile OSes.
It will get interesting when the new Windows 8 matures.

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