Stock news for algo trading and HFT high frequency trading

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2012)

Stock news for algo trading and HFT high frequency trading


I’m looking for tool (free / not free) that can provide me stock news and also to tell me whether this news is important to the stock. It doesn’t matter if it is good news / bad news. I simply don’t want my algo to trade during news at all, and I want to distinguish between regular news that comes often (for example AAPL has news every 1 hours..) and important news that might affect the stock price.


Just in general – if you back-tested your algorithm on a data set that included “News times”, I think you might want to keep working during “news time” in your implementation.



We have a tool that suffice your requirement. Which market data you are looking at ?


This is a very large class of challenges: but It should work like this StkValue= validatedextinfo DIV delta time * SUM socialtradelagfactors OPR TramsVolume



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