Predicting The Next Market Move with quant analytics

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2012)

Predicting The Next Market Move with quant analytics


Stocks are floating around the flat line today as they pause after major gains yesterday. This is beginning to set the stage for the next move in the market….


what makes you think it will be different from the last few months up few hundred points followed by down few hundered points?


now we’re talking, I think now its different!!!



I owe you a why so since I asked you for one before. Because declines have been failing the market lost more than a hundred on dow few times but closed with a small loss instead. This shows strength, so the next move is up!!!
That’s how it looks now, i am a short term trader. if the picture changes I will change my opinion but this is how I read it now.


Who the heck knows? It’s like children playing football(soccer) 20 boys charging up and down the pitch chasing the ball. The Wealth managers don’t care if they lose other peoples money it seems,and fund managers never make money. That’s a comforting thought really…


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