Is the NewSQL, the Database for Big Data and quant development

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2012)

Is the NewSQL, the Database for Big Data and quant development

Traditional RDBMS pose scalability challenges, Moving to NoSQL is costly and pose challenge of rewriting all the SQL code existing in the system, NewSQL brings new promises


NewSQL way, neither traditional RDMS no NOSQL cube-world.blogspot.in

This December, NuoDB [erstwhile NimbusDB] released the Beta 5 of its database software. This database, it claims, ” is a NewSQL database. It looks and behaves like a traditional SQL database from the outside but under the…



Geez am I the only one having flash backs to the New Coke era?
So you have Coke which is now Coke Classic, New Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, …

And of course this is all meaningless to those who prefer Pepsi. Or was that Pesi Light?

Awww forget it and just drink Water. πŸ™‚

Seriously So many players all trying to capture mind share.

And I didn’t even get in to the Cherry Coke or Lime Coke either. πŸ˜›


Drink the Kool-Aid πŸ™‚



we’re all above the age where we can enjoy our favorite adult beverage.
And at the age where if we drank Kool-Aid, it would be made with Stavia and not Sugar. πŸ˜‰

Looking at the market, there’s everybody, their brother,sister, aunt, cousin and even their pet dog promoting a ‘new’ and different take on the next ‘new’ thing.

Trying to stay on top of all of the tech trends and see which player is going to win is something will take a lot of time and will most likely end up with my wife wanting to kill me because I’m always working. Most research is done after hours because we all have day jobs. (Note that those who know me and my wife will offer the fact that there are other reasons why my wife might want to kill me. Those who have been married longer than 10 years could probably guess and be right too. πŸ˜‰ [I kid, I kid… πŸ˜› ]

The point is that these are all pretty much different products that are very similar and 90% of these companies or products will be dead within a couple of years. (Unless of course VCs keep tossing insane amounts of money around. Keeping them afloat.)



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