Is the CFA helpful for a career in trading or mainly just for one in corporate finance? I appreciate your opinions and experience

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2012)
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Is the CFA helpful for a career in trading or mainly just for one in corporate finance? I appreciate your opinions and experience



I’ll take a stab since no one else is: while I don’t have a CFA, many people in the industry have taken one, partly to help with a post-trading career, as well as to gain broader insight into the financial marketplace and the products they are interested in trading.

The main thing you get from the CFA which is directly applicable is a rigorous understanding of the financial aspects of the various instruments and their inter-relationships. One cannot trade these markets intelligently without that understanding. You will learn about virtually every financial product under the sun, and while you won’t ever trade 95% of them, it is valuable to have that appreciation for their place in the scheme of things nonetheless. Basically, you’ll learn more than you need to know, but that’s always better than the opposite condition.

So it may not be the ideal way to prepare for trading, but it will certainly help in many ways, and will additionally have other benefits outside of trading. I hear that Level 1 is tough and Level 2 is even more difficult. Pass that and Level 3 should be a relative breeze. Best of luck.



sHave you looked at the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF)?
I ask as i see a lot of discussions what is best to get MBA, CFA, or CQF

There is a LinkedIn group you may want to ask in there, they should be able to provide more useful information

Here for more details



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