IBM Big Data” Scores Top Marks in the just released Q1 2012 Forrester Wave Enterprise Hadoop Solutions report

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2012)

IBM Big Data” Scores Top Marks in the just released Q1 2012 Forrester Wave Enterprise Hadoop Solutions report

Check out the latest IBM Big Data blog:

According to the just released Q1 2012 Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Hadoop Solutions report: “IBM has the deepest Hadoop platform and application portfolio.”

Speaks to the completeness and strength of the IBM portfolio to be able to address all types of big data problems.


Just goes to show you what money can buy 😉




They certainly have invested deeply in the technology and have big enough list of clients to create some of the most impressive business use cases for leveraging it.
BigInsights is also a pretty good package for those who want to get going fast with hadoop rather than get tied up with the details of installation and configurations. it includes hive, hbase, etc… What I would be interested in seeing is: how big of enhancements will they give back to the open source community…same as they’re doing with Java, eclips, and others.



Just downloaded that report, boy those are some seriously cooked numbers.

37.5% of the score comes down to a single category, “Strategic Direction” which is not actually defined anywhere in the analysis.

Come on Forrester, you guys are normally better then that, you should be embarrassed.


From what I can see, some of IBM’s largest clients are not turning to IBM for their ‘Big Data’ solutions.

Like I said, it just goes to show you want money can buy. Oh, I’m sorry, you thought I was talking about the high price of IBM’s consulting and software? My bad. 😉
(I kid, I kid. 😉



it has also been pointed out that Amazon scored a 5/5 for professional services, which is quite a feat given they don’t actually have any.



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