Which are the profitable algos/strategies? New HFT platform? Webcasts coming soon

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2012)

Which are the profitable algos/strategies? New HFT platform? Webcasts coming soon

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So I posted my current reading list of which books I think are quality for reading about high frequency trading. See below for the link.

As it stands, more and more traders are coming aboard to understand how automated/algorithmic based trading and high frequency platforms become critical to the modern times in earning profits from the markets. As it stands, one book that stands out to get my head turning in my early development for algorithms for forecasting various assets and estimating exit points. These are all quant based. Also, it has got my head spinning on architecting a new HFT platform to monitor my daily stock picks from the system I already have in place. If you want to see that in action, please join my membership to get access to that highly prized data which is used by many institutional traders from large banks and hedge funds.


In the coming weeks, I will be doing more interactive webcasts for my QuantLabs.net Premium members. It will be the start of general ideas but hopefully become a mindshare of what strategies/algorithms/models are truly profitable for the experienced traders out there. Again, get member access here:


As for my reading list, please visit:


See you on the other side of the membership.

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