Warning signs in natural gas trade

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2012)

Warning signs in natural gas trade


Be careful as the natural gas trade unwinds. When panic strikes, it strikes hard and fast. One just has to look at the last week’s activity in the natural gas market for a relevant example of this. In particular, the NYMEX…



I’ve heard from a couple of Nat Gas traders saying it will test $1.90 in near term. At what price does supply destruction really kick in?



Liquid natural gas is a massive potential fuel source for the internal combustion engine.

It will almost certainly be the biggest investment opportunity of the 21st century.(Along with India)


Good topic. We are looking for some real opportunities to acquire nat gas assets and other energy assets. We believe pricing will continue to erode into 2013.



Gas has certainly more reserve than oil, and new exploration/production like in Fort Murray has an impact. The question today is about the structural changes along the value chain to use gas instead of oil. The pipeline out of Fort Murray, the switch from oil/coal utilities into gas. For the short term there may be over supply driving prices down, but medium term we need to consider how the economy is gearing up to switch to more gas usage.



I agree, long term we like nat gas. Short term some of the majors are over exposed and we are looking for opportunity there.



This article reflects what I think.



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