Trading chat rooms

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2012)

Trading chat rooms


I would like to know what you guys think about trading chat rooms open during market hours. What is the advantage? What do you like about the room you are a member? What you don’t like? What about cost?


Thanks once again!



ive been to almost every trading room out there. most dont trade live and just give ideas. im in a free skype chat room with over 300 traders and its free. learned more from that chat room then a pay site. ive been to “trade the markets.com, fib doctor, online trading academy, bunch more and none have ever made me money. some have lil nuggets u can use and incorporate into your style but thats it. i started recording my own trades just because soon i will be doing my own education and i will be trading live and not scared to show p&L.


be careful in this business most are salesman and not real traders. if you find a good one let me know. here is my live real time trades recorded on utube. dont worry im not selling anything, i do this for my own discipline and to review. http://www.youtube.com/user/jsp07411?feature=mhee



Thanks a lot for your insight. Yes, I am aware that most of these rooms are run by non-traders. I would like to spot the ones run by real traders, people that trades their own money.


I never tried them, but I became curious after I went to an “open house” of one that is very expensive (the most expensive I found so far). I was expecting hard sell practices, but there was not much of that. However what I saw would not make me pay the monthly fees.


So, what is out there? What works and what does not work? Imaginary trades is one of the problems. No real trader running the room is another one. Had sell is yet another.


I will check your YouTube videos and PM you.



what chat room had the open house?? if you have skype i can invite you to the emini room. that is a basic room but once u get in there depending on what kind of trader you are (market profile, fibs, pitch forks, options, etc etc) other traders will ask to invite you to more advanced rooms. that’s what i did, i started working with a mentor and posting my charts and i had a group of 8 guys ask to join there room .



I can suggest couple of trading rooms. Not sure posting it in this type of venue is proper. If interested send me a private message or email.


Before I waste anyone’s time, my reason for suggesting those rooms are – I felt those are real traders and their approach is sound and geared towards teaching. From what I understood each has a different methodology. On other hand, I don’t know them personally or affiliated or have experience in participating their trading rooms. I once participated in a trading room for couple of months but more to beat trading isolation which I stopped when it became too much distraction. That’s pretty much my experience with trading rooms. Given this, if still interested in checking out then send me an email.


On side note, I think some signal/trading room providers can do tricks even with real trades (or pseudo real trades). Just for fun, I have identified three tricks and curious to see what other tricks fellow members can identify in the example mentioned in this post:



Good luck in your trading room search & evaluation.



Thanks for your comment. My interest is to know more about this type of trader interaction. My first drive was like yours, to beat isolation, but I became more curious after I attended this “open house”. I don’t know if it is appropriate to mention the name here, but I have no connection with them nor I am currently a customer. I will PM you about that.




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