The MBA’s Value? Debatable!

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2012)

The MBA’s Value? Debatable!

The MBA’s Value? Debatable!


The MBA’s Value? Debatable ” The P&Q story is about the latest research from the Graduate Management Admission Council, which surveyed 4,135 business school alumni who received their degrees since 2000. The GMAC report paints a…


I thought about that same thing for years. I’ve seen many people rise to the top with or without it. I know some people with an MBA, a huge debt, and can’t find decent work. Its too much of a financial burden, unless your sure that it will prove its worth. Frankly, if you want to work for someone else, in a traditional MBA-led profession like investment banking, then it can be valuable. If your an entrepeneur, then it may be a waste of time as experience trumps the degree in most cases. Top tier MBA’s have value, but there’s a flood of random online MBA programs popping up that don’t have many admissions standards, which dilutes some of the value. The country wants people to get out of debt and get better with their money, but many are pushed into these expensive programs and graduate with $60,000+ in debt and cant find decent work or better yet, they realize that their desired job only needed someone with a bachelors and 5-10 years experience.

Some of the most successful people out there, don’t have or need one. They’ve proven themselves through hard work, business savvy, and hands-on experience.

If you want the pedigree and get into a top tier program and can afford it…then go for it. Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, Chicago, Dartmouth, etc, etc speak volumes for traditional sectors, but then again in the investment world a CFA is just as valuable


See too many bright young kids with a BS in finance/accounting and then a year later an MBA from the same school. These schools should be held accountable for giving bad advice to kids who can’t find a job – all an MBA does for someone with no work experience and a finance degree already is make them less employable.


Agreed. Schools just want the money and convince students they need it. These college presidents/chancellors are getting loads of bonuses from these students hikes, from students flooding these programs in search for a competitive edge that may not be there.



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