Quant opinion: Little hope for the little trader

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2012)

Quant opinion: Little hope for the little trader


Traders that are new to the industry are too easily scammed into dubious trading products or subscriptions. So-called trading gurus permeate our society to exploit the starry-eyed eagerness of a trader trying to learn. It is…


It is true that every where we look, someone is trying to sell us a new system or magical indicator. Some of these folks make their living that way because if they were honest you would find that they actually do not make that much money in trading. But they do make quite a bit selling indicators or courses.

Then the flip of that coin is that as traders, we all know how tough it is to learn how to trade. There are no short cuts either because it takes a lot of screen time and a lot of actual trading in order to find your methodology. And most traders are very willing to help new traders or other traders get on the right path. So not every one out there willing to help is a scammer…..but there sure are a lot of them.

I have followed so many top traders and their methods and after 12 years I would have to say that there are two that in my eye’s are worthy of being called a guru. Actually I could probably name six but two of them in my eyes have helped so much in how I view the markets…..that I just totally respect them and are extremely grateful that they shared their methods with people like me.

But in their eyes they are anti guru’s. And in fact both have developed tools to assist in trading as well, but it is not the tools that would bring you success…..it’s their belief that trading is a business and should be treated exactly that way.

If you ever wanted to explore what they have to offer….don’t rush and buy their products….instead research them and then buy their books. Learn what their method is…how they think….why they think that way. And during the course of researching them, you will be changed for the good in how you think as a trader. And they have articles that are out there that are free as well. So check out Robert Miner and Cynthia Kase. They are easy to find.

And I wish you all the best with your trading journey!!!!



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