How Microsoft is shafting itself with it`s Partner Program and other Propietary ways

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2012)

How Microsoft is shafting itself with it`s Partner Program and other Propietary ways

So I get this renewal program email for Microsoft:

Dear Microsoft Partner,

Thank you for participating in the Microsoft Partner Network. It’s time to renew your membership.

We value your organization and your participation in the partner network and we’d like to remind you to renew your membership before Apr 15 2012 11:59PM.

Whether you are a network member or subscriber, to renew your membership you first must do the following:

1. Sign-in with your Windows Live ID.
2. Verify or update your profile information for Organization Partner ID: xxx
3. Agree to the Microsoft Partner Network terms and conditions.

Get started

Thank you for your continued partnership and support in delivering Microsoft technologies to our mutual customers.


You goto the link with Firefox, you get:

Problem Encountered

Microsoft Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for the Partner Membership Center. Supported versions are available at our product site. Our site is not optimized for the browser you are using. You may experience rendering issues if you proceed to the requested page.


Uh ok Microsoft. You are really shafting yourself where I have no interest in the Part Program because of this crap. I thought your learned about your proprietary ways. Also, note above you need a MS Passport to login through Hotmail or Live. Wow! This is the only company that still does and the best part, they are NOT getting away with it.

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