Get our video on Matlab secrets with Visual C++ DLL, C# client, Matab, Coder, Yahoo Finance, MYSQL

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2012)


Get our video on Matlab secrets with Visual C++ DLL, C# client, Matab, Coder, Yahoo Finance, MYSQL

QuantLabs.Net presents our most popular topic on how to quickly build a HFT  (high frequency trading) platform. It also explains all the major components needed and the most popular tools you can us for your trading.

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  • What are the most important elements in a high frequency trading platform?
  • What is the easiest way to prototype your models and implement into your trading platform?
  • How to connect all of these elements into the most popular open source database? MYSQL
  • How to capture free market data from Yahoo Finance

This video presentation is simply one of the most important elements to get you trading quickly and developing highly profitable stragegies from within Matlab.

“Charts and Tutorials area is one sick site and just for this it was worth the trip to attend the last meetup….”
Member BR From Meetup.com/Quant-finance

This video presentation will get you up and running really quick compared to other options available.


Get Your Access Now…

  • How to convert  Matlab M script prototype files to C++ or C for your trading platforms
  • Create DLLs within C++ and C# to easily integrate with your trading platforms
  • Implement MYSQL as a historical database into your trading environment


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