Euro will stable which the claim is ridiculed – Telegraph

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2012)

Euro will stable which the claim is ridiculed – Telegraph

Germany’s finance minister has been accused of groundless optimism after he claimed that Europe’s leaders will have “banished the dangers” of the euro crisis within 12 months.


the crisis will only worsen ,the so called euro leaders will make much noise.the best thing for the long term credibility of the euro is for greece to quit.they probably will have no choice.at what stage will the respective member countries electorates voice be heard.austerity without any chance of growth is no go economics and will become ever more unpopular as the months progress.i really believe its now possible for the eurozone to break.central bank support in the open fx mkt will be the beginning of the end as history tells us.bear spreads 3/6 mths on the euro the order of the day as far as i am concerned.



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