Does anyone want a free copy of An Introduction to Parallel Programming by Oracle for quant development?

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2012)

Does anyone want a free copy of An Introduction to Parallel Programming by Oracle for quant development?

Does anyone want a free copy of An Introduction to Parallel Programming by Oracle? I found it valuable in our trading space. If you enjoy this article, let me know. I will give you more stuff.

An Introduction to Parallel
Module 1: Introduction to
Performance Tuning
Ruud van der Pas
Senior Staff Engineer
Technical Developer Tools
Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park, CA, USA

oracle.com oracle.com



Here is the 100 Page+ free PDF –


Enjoy readings during your coding break or coffee break!



If you guys are truly interested in a formal beginner training in High Performance Computing and Parallel Programming, I would recommend taking this graduate-level course at U of Chicago Gleacher building in the Spring by Prof. Andrew Siegel.

If you need more information on taking the course, let me know.


If are also interested in one-year intensive Computer Science Professional Master Program at University of Chicago, please let me know.

I will find the right people for you to apply for the program.

CSPP 51086
High Performance Computing

Catalog Description:
Long Description: Parallel computing allows multiple computers or processors to work together simultaneously on a common task. For certain types of applications, parallelization can increase execution time in proportion to the number of computers or processors used. This is a huge advantage for applications which have performance and/or memory bottlenecks, such as one typically encounters in physics, engineering, or other applied science applications.
This is an advanced, fast-paced applied programming course aimed at students with considerable prior development experience in either C, C++, or FORTRAN (at least 3 programming coures or equivalent). No prior knowledge of parallel computing is assumed. Students should, however, have both an interest and some previous experience in either numerical methods, applied mathematics, or perhaps any physics or engineering-type discipline. A brief overview of parallel computing will be presented at the outset, but the course will be less a review and focus more on algorithmic implementation and performance tuning.
The goal of the course is to give students experience in developing efficient, scalable parallel algorithms for both distributed and shared-memory architectures. Assignments will be designed with some flexibility to allow students to explore applying parallel techniques to applications in their own field of interest. After an introduction to MPI and OpenMP, some of the topics covered will include: parallel solutions of linear equations, sorting, interpolation, and integration of ODE’s and PDE’s.



The course sounds interesting. Must you be enrolled at u of c, or can you take the class as a standalone? Thanks for the link



Not sure … maybe you have to enroll in some program or another, such as Booth.



If you want to take a similar class standalone, you could check out this one from MIT:



=-=Thanks for the open Lecture Notes and the link



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