Are you aware of the BIG DATA (D2) University to learn quant analytics?

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2012)

Are you aware of the BIG DATA (D2) University to learn quant analytics?

If you are great, if nto it is a great beginners, adn intermediate FREE technical resource. I am not promoting it, I am simply stating that is is a good nuts and bolt from the ground up resouce that may want to be considered.



Big Data University? Meaning IBM’s stuff or something different?

Sorry, but Cloudera’s site contains a lot more out there.


As I said I am not promoting anything just ensuring awareness.

feel free to add the link for Cloudera or should I ask Chris Pendergast at CLoudera to add the links?



Well then you can also talk about MapR, HortonWorks, ThinkBigAnalytiics, EMC and a whole slew of folks… (Note when I typed it, my Mac changed my typo of folks to fools, so maybe my mac knows more than I do? 🙂 )

In terms of resources, if you have a question, there’s always Google and the Apache Hadoop web site.



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