A smarter way to trade FOREX?

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2012)

A smarter way to trade FOREX?

No one can predict the future, so why do so many of us create an algorithm with a predictive model? Over the years as a trader I’ve seen that traditional indicators are only designed to tell you yesterdays news. For the past 7 years I’ve worked with code writers to produce an algorithm that moves with the market tic by tic in real time. Almost all of the algorithms I’ve seen are not based on this model, so I’d like to open a discussion with people in this group, expecially with others who’ve created their own algorithms to see if I’m on to something new if others are taking my same approach?


We do use such algorithms Dennis but not in isolation of traditional predictive models. The problem with these is that they cannot be deployed as stand-alone black boxes since most “robots” still need some sort of active human involvement which is usually built on classic T.A.



.how much flexibility do u give urself in determining which algorithms to use?does it create a human element?is it making money?
i am a bit out of touch with such trading systems.i am a simple chartist with the usual arithmetic add ons such oscillators,moving averages etc?
like all the stuff we use to try and get the market right yesterdays news can be a big help in forecasting,but can be savage sometimes for very short term traders.



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