Trading platform connects to market data feed IQFEED with Pricing Details but can Yahoo Finance ticks provide for free?

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2011)


Trading platform connects to market data feed IQFEED with Pricing Details but can Yahoo Finance ticks provide for free?

This is a big deal. I am quite happy now to see this work! I am using IQFEEDs with a trial period of 7 days.

There are two components you need to worry about while using IQFEEDs. This includes:

  1. $50 fee for setup and a basic monthly fee of $65 per month. You need to add on small monthly fees for the type of data including which country of exchangem options, future, etc.
  2. $300 for API entitlement to the IQFEEDs API. This is an annual fee.


As compared to other competitors, IQFEEDS is the most affordable. Support seems pretty responsive and they do care about your needs. Other competitive providers seem to use a bunch of yahoos who don’t know what they are doing.

All is good but unfortunately, my trial with IQFEEDs will expire next week which does not give me enough time to play with strategy development in my open source trading platform. Remember it is Christmas for us Canadians so there will be very little time to play with this further.

As the IQFEED trial does end, I am thinking there might be a possible substitute using Yahoo Finance data with another open source project where I could use Yahoo to substitute the market feed. As you know, Yahoo Finance might be a decent experiment and will give me more universal symbols to work with which my tracking system for my paying Members who get daily reports.  This might take a few weeks to develop but I could save hundreds per month until I get my Interactive Brokers on activated. Do note this Yahoo Finance option would be severely  limiting.


I think I got a solution here. Note you need that paying Membership.






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