The Role of Technology in Quantitative Trading Research

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2011)

The Role of Technology in Quantitative Trading Research

There needs a technology to streamline the quantitative trading research process. Typically, quants/traders, from idea generation to strategy deployment, may take weeks if not months. This means not only loss of trading opportunity, but also a lengthy, tedious, erroneous process marred with ad-hoc decisions and primitive tools. From the organization’s perspective, comparing the paper performances of different traders is like comparing apples to oranges. The success of the firm relies on hiring the right geniuses. Our solution is a technological process that standardizes and automates most of the mechanical steps in quantitative trading research. Creating a new trading strategy should be as easy and fun as playing Legos by assembling together simpler ideas. Consequently, traders can focus their attention on what they are supposed to be best at – imagining new trading ideas/strategies.

I posted my presentation titled “The Role of Technology in Quantitative Trading Research” presented in You can find the powerpoint here.

Unfirtunately, I can’t download your presentation but I would like to read it.


why can’t you download it? the link is here:


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