Resources for keyphrase ‘Matlab Forex Trading’

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2011)

Resources for keyphrase ‘Matlab Forex Trading’


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prepare the mat file, the outcome of the asset definition file prior submitted


Models.Zip contains all the main files including runregression. Prior to running run regression, a seperate attachement Attach 2: will be included with prepmat file which generates a mat matrix file from an excel file. This excel file AssetDefinition_ASSETxyz.xls included in a seperate attachment Attach 3: contains all the indicators over the paste 20 years, monthly periods, and on the last column, the return for the partucular asset. runregression.m in Attach 1: must be run with the right arguments A fourth package Attach 4: contains the utilities. you need to set the current working directory to models. and the associated directory to utilities. in Matlab.2


regression and forecasting


Utilities associated with the Matlab Model for regression and forecasting



Matlab Pairs Trading from Mathworks demo!






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