My little chat with Esignal about monthly new data services and prices

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(Last Updated On: December 21, 2011)

My little chat with Esignal about monthly new data services and prices

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Ryan L – Interactive Data has joined this session!
Connected with Ryan L – Interactive Data. Your Reference Number for this chat is 546527.
Ryan L – Interactive Data:¬†Hi, my name is Ryan. Thanks for contacting the sales department. Before we begin, how did you hear about eSignal? Previous Customer, Active Trader, Direct Mail ,email, Futures Magazine, google, internet, internet advertising, Investor’s Business Daily, other, Print Advertising, Broker, Educator, Friend, Stocks and Commodities Magazine, TV Advertising.
Bryan: hi ryan
Ryan L РInteractive Data: hi
Bryan: quick question about esignal pro
Ryan L РInteractive Data: ok
Bryan: how much per month?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: What data do you need? Stocks, futures, forex, commodities or options.
Bryan: well stocks or forex for now. how much is each?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: Please stand by.
Ryan L РInteractive Data: 206 per month
Ryan L РInteractive Data: stocks only
Ryan L РInteractive Data: 152
Bryan: how much for forex?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: FX only 58 per month
Bryan: hmm that is not too bad.
Bryan: what about futures only?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: NYMEX, COMEX, CME, CBOT or ICE. Or do you only need the emini contracts.
Bryan: ok i will let that go
Bryan: do you also have 30 day free trials correct for stocks?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: I can offer a risk free 30 day trial. You will pay for the first month and I will waive the eSignal fees in the second month if you continue. If you cancel within 30 days, we will refund the eSignal fee, minus the exchange fees.
Ryan L РInteractive Data: exchange fees for stocks are 18 per month
Ryan L РInteractive Data: eSignal fee is 134
Ryan L РInteractive Data: it is a money back trial
Bryan: ok could i just focus on the TSE only for $18?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: the 134 is refundable
Ryan L РInteractive Data: one sec
Bryan: i just want to start small?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: are you canadian resident?
Bryan: yes
Ryan L РInteractive Data: I was quoting you for US stocks
Ryan L РInteractive Data: eSignal fee is 134
Ryan L РInteractive Data: TSX is 10
Ryan L РInteractive Data: so to start, pay 144
Ryan L РInteractive Data: cancel within 30 days
Ryan L РInteractive Data: you get back 134
Bryan: so is the $134 a startup fee ?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: no
Ryan L РInteractive Data: that is our monthly fee
Ryan L РInteractive Data:
Ryan L РInteractive Data: like a monthly leasing fee
Ryan L РInteractive Data: is 134
Ryan L РInteractive Data: add TSE for 10 per month
Bryan: so that 134 is the monthly basic fee ?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: yes
Bryan: ok
Bryan: so i would pay for $144 for just tsx only correct?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: yes
Bryan: sorry but the 134 is month starting fee. correct?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: that is the monthly base fee
Bryan: ok i got it. how long does it take to activate the account?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: 5 minutes
Bryan: ok do you guys take paypal as payment option?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: no
Ryan L РInteractive Data: credit card
Ryan L РInteractive Data: or ATM
Bryan: ok
Bryan: i can sign up on the site right?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: better deal in this chat
Ryan L РInteractive Data: versus sign up through site
Ryan L РInteractive Data: I can waive eSignal fee in second month
Bryan: what time you around til?
Ryan L РInteractive Data: if you keep it
Ryan L РInteractive Data: 4 more hours
Ryan L РInteractive Data: just ask for me in chat
Ryan L РInteractive Data: or
Ryan L – Interactive Data:¬†Feel free to call me at 800-322-9325 or email me at…
Bryan: ok sounds good
Bryan: thanks


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