Is Metatrader 4 supported by forex broker bucket shops? I found an alternative

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2011)

Is Metatrader 4 supported by forex broker bucket shops? I found an alternative

This line kind of makes sense:

Originally Posted by ptarmigan
That’s ridiculous.
MT4/5 is the tool for the bucketshops.

I agree to a certain degree.

I’ve never understood why people wan to use MT4. Is it because of the EA’s that automate your trading? Yeah because robots are known to make you money… !

I would MUCH prefer a bespoke platform specific to the broker, no bright lights or bullshit, just clean and concise doing the job you ask of it. For me that’s what LMAX has, yes it needs tweaking, as a minimum it needs to remember your preferred stop and lot size.

The charts whilst simple do exactly what I need of the, but then I use naked charts, people who are indicator believers will not like the limited functions.

For me the positives for me far outweigh the negatives, they bring ‘Currenex’ standards of spread, execution and liquidity to people that couldn’t otherwise afford it.


I am investigating LMAX which appears to be solid with my Visual C++ platform. Good support too!

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