Has anyone sold signals on Collective2 for quant development strategies?

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2011)

Has anyone sold signals on Collective2 for quant development strategies?

I’m curious if anyone has sold subscriptions to signals/system trades on Collective2 athttp://www.collective2.com. If so would you please share your subscription numbers? The ad says 44% of their systems have at least 1000/month and “Top systems” have earned over $20,000 per month. Hmmm.


A friend tried it. $10 a month signals and he got one subscriber.

Waste of time.


I wouldn’t call it a waste of time. I’d say you’ll need to send multiple signals, and actually develop a track record before actually signing out subscribers. If you were a buyer of a system, would you pay someone who just randomly put up a system? Or someone who has a proven track record?


• waste of time, funny.

Yet people will give their entire 401k over to a “trained” advisor. Didn’t work out so great in 2008. Or people would rather watch a clown on TV to tell them what to buy. I guess the clown and wall st. overlooked that whole housing crisis…

Collective2.com is a good proving ground. I’m up ~20% MTD, but yet I haven’t been able to sell any signals.


Might do better if you have Futures Truth test your system and include it in their Master Performance Table.



if your friend have only one subscriber that pay 10$ a month…
That means your friend is actually an employee of collective2…:)… 🙂
(Because all its revenues barely cover the monthly cost)



C2 claims their most successful system developer made $425K last year. They recently published an article that mentioned the Topaz strategy developer has 90 subscribers paying $149 per month. That’s $160K per year. I believe Topaz is one of the C2 darlings, though, so those numbers are likely among the highest.

Also, Topaz has survived on C2 for 5 years and has a CAGR of 40% or so.



My feeling is that collective 2 is slowly going down the tubes.

Anybody tried Currensee?


hmm…C2 down the tubes…that would be too bad because from a client POV the site is quite good. Any other viable multi-vendor options out there?



Lots. Tradency, Zulutrade, eToro, zignals.

As far as I can tell, C2 is making more from charging system providers than anything else. Ironic.



you seem pretty negative on Collective2 for someone who’s never used it. Kind of strange.

For people interested in finding out more about Collective2, check out the interview we did with the founder, Mathew Klein:




I have no axe to grind with C2. Just going on what I have heard.



C2 publishes their registered user count and the number of trading systems the offer on their web site. Those numbers are constantly increasing.

They also publish the total dollar value of auto-trade transactions done in the previous 7 days. That number has declined dramatically since July. But that probably says more about the market than it does C2’s business prospects.


Yes I am trying my best to work with C2 to sell my trading advice. For me it is not working out so far – Zero subscribers after 3 months of track record and a C2 score around 900 (which is pretty good apparently). I don’t think anyone else comes remotely close to what they are doing. That said they struggle with many technical issues and clearly need more staff. I hope they survive and thrive. I think it will be a revolution for the industry.


Probably a lot of potential subscribers are looking for a track record longer than three months. I normally require at least one year before I consider a strategy.

I agree with you about the technical issues at C2. They need to invest more in their auto-trading technology and user support.


Try Tradency.com


It appears that tradency.com is just for fx. Is there any real competitor to C2 who does all products, not just fx?



I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic and have concluded that C2 has the most extensive product offering combined with detailed historical performance statistics. But, they are not the only game in town.

Here are others I know of: Attain Capital, LIveTradingZone, StrategyRunner, tradestation StrategyNetwork, TradingWeeks.blogspot, Zignals, Futures Truth, MetaTrader, WealthLab

Some of these are primarily focused on trading signal consumers, since that is my perspective.


Seems to be a whole zoo of these signal provider host companies out there now.

I hear most of the subscribers don’t last long. Few do their homework, most over-leverage. Many of the providers use strategies which do well for a while then blow up.



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