Anyone have any good starter guides for Meta Trader EA coding

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2011)

Anyone have any good starter guides for Meta Trader EA coding


You may already have these resources but if not here are two that may help you:

This link will help you find quite a few pre built indicators.

This link is a book or manual on the how to’s of MT4 code building

The page forward arrows are at the bottom of the page. Just past the preface is the table of contents.

I hope these help you out a little.


I also want to learn MetaTrader.. I don’t have experience with it yet. but I have a good programming background and overall exposure to markets and trading software.. Do you want to learn it together?? In college we had “study with your buddy” groups that I found to be were a very efficient way of learning..


I am also new to the MT4 and I have to learn it…..because I manage a small fund and my employer uses this platform.

However, I have attached a screen shot of the setup that I am accustomed to and I am working towards duplicating it for the MT4. Of course if I can achieve that….my wish would be to allow others to use it as well. It works very well for me!!

In addition I have a trailing stop method that uses Standard Deviations of true range….and again….I have not yet gotten to the level where I can program it into MT4.

So if you find that the screen shot could be of any benefit to you and you feel like working on something like that, I would certainly be open to collaborating with the two of you to assist in bringing it to fruition.



I’m interested in learning with you both – How exactly we approach this I’m not sure.
Although the resources has supplied look interesting


If your question is really about porting your existing strategy/trading logic to MT4, I would recommend using the below as a start:

this is reasonably intuitive and allows creation of basic strategies without having to write code. Once strategy code is generated, you can tweak it further manually – a great way to get familiar with the basics


really nice looking chart you have there. I would like to know more about it and also doing a little bit coding on mt4 and mt5.

and would like to share my stats with you guys, started with just a little amount of capital.



I am currently writing an adaptor which allows you to code all of your agents and indicators in the R language which is much more suitable for numerical heavy lifting than MQL. If you are interested let me know and I will send you my initial releases.



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