When will the Euro collapse? Around Q3 2013?

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2011)

When will the Euro collapse? Around Q3 2013. .http://www.ontonix.com/Blog/When_Will_the_Euro_Collapse%3F_Around_Q3_2013

It seems that the Euro, and the European Union along with it, is…

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I have a German friend told me that there is absolutely no reason for them, German, to retire at 65 while the Greece to retire at 57 yet need their financial help…

Looking at the current situation, people would wonder how to keep all the countries in Euro Zone to work together… For they have their very own and broad range of cultures, social benefits, productivities, education system, retirement age, etc.

Also that the FOREX market has been growing exponentilly in the past decade and become the largest market. And one of the major currency EURO.

In my view, NO ONE in the public can predict exctly when will this happen (though it will happen in the near future.) Imagine that when all the public try to flee away from EURO at about the same time through the influence of the public media, it will collapse and create a global depression…

The question would than be… who planted this seed? Accidental or Intentional?


thanks for the comment. Of course, it is impossible to predict such an event. Actually, it is not an event, it is a process which is already underway. The spirit of our blog is to show what this decline looks like from a scientific perspective (and using a new kind of science). I also wonder if this is an accident or a plan….


Yes. You have a very informative blog in your company and I like that spirit in sharing very much.

I fully agree with what you descibed it as a process underway… Like a stone fall from the top of a skyscraper will eventually touch the ground.

Just that, I also believe the governments have enough resources to do the simulation as they should have even more first hand data to process and project what would happen. Thus, I asked the questions.


I am not sure if the EU governments have a road – map to pursue. If you look at the curves in the blogs, how they have been declining steadily and smoothly, it becomes evident that no actions have been so far taken. This is not a good omen.

Next we will see how the US is doing!



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