Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2011)
  • New blog post: Hooorary! We are in the top 10 for the keyword search of Quant in Google http://t.co/YbNILok7 #
  • New blog post: Quantile Value At Risk (VaR) model added to the http://t.co/6YYSQ7Dj Premium Membership services http://t.co/OTRcV6ee #
  • New blog post: http://t.co/L4X5Gc94 #
  • New blog post: Italy's Silvio Berlusconi now will screw us all over as they refuse funding from IMF http://t.co/rMOjWTwY #
  • New blog post: Lowest Latency London-Frankfurt Route now live for quant development http://t.co/j9DVbkke #
  • New blog post: Best stock picks for Nov 3, 2011 with loads of global stock exchanges http://t.co/k7dIV2Fz #
  • New blog post: Sorry, we just got a new Intel I7 server to update the monthly subscription service today http://t.co/qDt9EX1Q #
  • New blog post: Will Merkle and Sarkozy boot Greece out of the European Zone? http://t.co/X2u49wHO #
  • New blog post: Actural correlation between S&P 500 and Eur/USD http://t.co/rsdnte5S #
  • New blog post: Need a New Drug: Bernanke to “Wean” Markets Off a Fed Quick Fix http://t.co/rcVCD5GT #
  • New blog post: Forex? USD, EUR, JPY Outlook This Week http://t.co/CLruMsas #
  • New blog post: Has anyone ever implemented a dwh based on hadoop (Hbase, Hive,..) for quant development? http://t.co/r7ooKDbJ #
  • New blog post: Trading other peoples money – without FSA regulation (is it possible??) http://t.co/h9PfHC4x #
  • New blog post: Excellent URL resources for Matlab M code to be deployed using Java JAR and Tomcat examples http://t.co/2cZAGJWU #
  • New blog post: Quant analytics: Stats summary model now added to our quant analytics premium service http://t.co/rehrYj5j #
  • New blog post: Looking for better returns? Our stock alert system using quant analytics returns 30%-1000% daily ! http://t.co/QXW6NLHc #
  • New blog post: Greece could screw us all over with this referendum. Back to drinking Ouzo on the beach! http://t.co/K1260NWI #
  • New blog post: Best stock picks for Nov 2,2011 from LSE, TXM, India, Brazil, http://t.co/2phPMrFn #
  • New blog post: What Should Investors do In This Market? http://t.co/bowiAypa #
  • New blog post: Where do people post quant development services for new algo strategies? http://t.co/xWcDq91d #
  • New blog post: Good on Starbucks for selling wristbands to help small American businesses for jobs http://t.co/SDb8Xepe #
  • New blog post: Yeah baby! The NEW Bayesian quant models work! See the results! http://t.co/X1KtCUMT #
  • @AndyNormandj wicked show this week! #
  • New blog post: I am adding to highly accurate Bayesian and stock shrinkage estimation to the premium monthly service http://t.co/ifPezoLn #
  • New blog post: RIM and Blackberry irrelevant now as Bloomberg does not give them top headlines as stock drops below $20 http://t.co/jE55lfSC #
  • New blog post: iPhone next domain? 3D as Apple acquires incredible C3 Youtube video demos http://t.co/LL3WYbMG #
  • Matlab code functions for Stock price or Asset price simple rate of return and compounded rate of return http://t.co/RIdvZCzj #
  • New blog post: Matlab code functions for Stock price or Asset price simple rate of return and compounded rate of return http://t.co/BFK7rLdm #
  • New blog post: Whats the easiest way to be able to take on client funds to trade legally in the UK or US? http://t.co/vLwpLfq4 #
  • New blog post: Quant opinion: What would you do IF You Have Developed A Very Profitable Trading System On Earth? http://t.co/vkPPAsKv #
  • New blog post: Quant opinion: Is an exchange like CME or Interbank a zero sum game between the traders involved? http://t.co/bpVIqRyL #
  • New blog post: Why popular methods of technical analysis fail to work but quant analytics or statistical analytics may http://t.co/OZRF8aG2 #
  • New blog post: Do you think that market follow some patterned trends for best quant analytics? http://t.co/gnEaqIt7 #
  • New blog post: Quant development: Is anyone successfully using Amibroker for live automated trading? http://t.co/xwANnqCE #
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